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VPNs for the UK: Your Complete Guide to Safe and Reliable Options

Approximately 72% of VPN users opt for free VPN services rather than paid ones; however, most free options lack security. Free VPNs frequently collect and monetize your data, and their proficiency in streaming UK TV content from abroad is generally subpar.

Following an extensive evaluation spanning thousands of hours and encompassing over 150 VPN services, we have pinpointed three genuinely safe and free options that offer servers within the UK.

What Constitutes the Most Outstanding Free VPN for the UK in 2023?

The three foremost free VPNs for connecting to the UK are as follows:

  • Windscribe: Recognized as the premier free VPN for the UK, optimized specifically for seamless British streaming.
  • ZoogVPN: Esteemed as the safest free VPN for the UK, equipped with a solitary UK server and a generous 10GB of free data.
  • TunnelBear: Positioned as a free VPN tailored for novices and occasional users, although constrained by a 500MB data cap.

USER Choice VPN: In the year 2023, the most commendable free VPN for the UK is Windscribe Free. It extends access to servers in two distinct UK locations, offers a monthly data allowance of 10GB, and reliably facilitates connections to British streaming services, encompassing BBC iPlayer, ITVX, Channel 4, and UK Netflix.

VPNs for the UK

For those desiring a UK IP address while located outside the United Kingdom, the aforementioned trio of VPNs stands as the excellent choice among the 150 free VPN applications subjected to our meticulous assessment and review.

Do VPNs have limitations, too?

Regrettably, even these highly recommended free UK VPNs are subject to limitations, including data caps, reduced speeds, server constraints, and occasional instability when accessing UK streaming platforms.

Best VPNs for the UK

A paid service is the requisite solution if you seek a VPN to alter your IP address to a UK location and enjoy buffer-free British TV.

What Constitutes the Ultimate VPN for the UK in 2023?

The preeminent (paid) VPNs for securing a UK IP address encompass the following:

  • NordVPN: Distinguished as the quintessential UK VPN, boasting a formidable arsenal of 588 UK servers.
  • ExpressVPN: Acclaimed as the swiftest VPN when connecting to the UK.
  • Surf Shark: Acknowledged as the optimal budget-friendly UK VPN, boasting 200 UK servers.

What’s the verdict?

Undeniably, NordVPN stands as the paramount VPN solution for the UK in 2023. It operates a robust network of 588 UK VPN servers, each of which confers London IP addresses, enabling unimpeded access to UK Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITVX, and Channel 4. 

Ultimate VPN for the UK

NordVPN’s UK servers consistently deliver rapid speeds with no limitations imposed on data consumption.

Interested in Evaluating the Premier UK VPN Risk-Free?

NordVPN ranks as the foremost choice for UK VPN services, and you can trial its offerings without financial risk for 30 days by taking advantage of its money-back guarantee.

Try NordVPN

Should you invest in Premier VPN service? The choice is yours but paid UK VPNs consistently provide high-speed connections via their extensive UK server infrastructure. Furthermore, they reliably unblock BBC iPlayer, All 4, and ITVX if you are accessing these services beyond the borders of the United Kingdom.

Selecting the Finest Free UK VPN for Your Device

Our recommended free UK VPNs offer compatibility with Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices.

It’s important to note that free VPNs can also be used on alternative devices. Below, we present tailored recommendations for various devices, operating systems, and platforms.

VPN Browser Extensions

VPN browser extensions are valuable tools for altering your IP address directly from your web browser. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that most VPN extensions function as proxies and do not provide the encryption offered by full VPN software.

VPN offers an exceptionally popular browser extension, ranking among the finest VPN extensions available for Chrome and Firefox users. It operates as a free proxy and ad blocker, featuring free London-based servers. To access servers in other locations, an upgrade is necessary.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the top choice among VPN options. It boasts an easy-to-use Fire TV Stick app that excels in speed and effectively unblocks BBC iPlayer. You should be mindful of a monthly streaming limit, making standard definition streaming the recommended choice.

Free UK VPN for Your Device

Both other options lack native Fire TV Stick applications, while one’s Fire TV Stick app is currently non-operational. Another presents a user-friendly Amazon Fire TV Stick app that is free to test and delivers fast streaming performance; however, it lacks UK servers.


Accessing Kodi streams can expose you to fines or traffic blocking by internet service providers (ISPs). A VPN for Kodi safeguards against such issues by preventing ISPs from monitoring and logging your streaming activities.

Kodi uk vpn

VPN emerges as the optimal free choice for UK Kodi enthusiasts. It offers commendable speeds, free P2P servers, and robust security features. Additionally, it provides a Kodi-specific manual setup guide on its website, although the data allocation may be depleted quickly.

For UK Kodi users seeking an alternative, another represents a secure option. It offers installation choices.


It also stands out as one of the premier VPN solutions for Linux. While it lacks a graphical user interface (GUI), it features a straightforward terminal command-line interface (CLI) that is easily downloadable and executable, akin to most VPNs.

Linux uk vpn

Acquiring a UK IP Address Using a VPN

Securing a UK IP address is a straightforward process with the aid of our recommended free or paid VPNs designed for the UK. Below, we provide a step-by-step guide to obtaining a UK IP address:

  • Download a VPN that offers UK IP addresses, ensuring its safety and any additional features required for British TV streaming support.
  • Execute the installer and install the VPN software on your chosen device.
  • Launch the VPN application and sign in using your account credentials.
  • Once logged in, select a UK server from the server list and establish a connection.
  • With a successful connection, you can confirm the change in your IP address using our IP address checker tool.

Watching British TV with the Aid of a VPN

Gaining access to British TV is one of the primary motivations for acquiring a UK IP address. Without a VPN, attempting to access BBC iPlayer for Channel 4 from abroad would result in an error message.

Watching British TV with the Aid of a VPN

A VPN circumvents this restriction by masking your location, allowing you to utilize the internet as if you were in the UK. This enables unblocking Channel 4, BBC iPlayer, UK Netflix, All 4 (Channel 4), ITVX, and UK Disney+ (Star).

To watch UK TV online:

  • Download a VPN featuring a UK IP address your chosen streaming service has not blocked.
  • Connect to a UK server; if optimized UK TV servers are available, select them.
  • Visit the streaming website or open the app.
  • Commence streaming your desired content.

EXPERT TIP: Before you commence streaming, it is advisable to clear your web browser cookies and cache.

Our VPN Testing Methodology for the UK

A secure VPN is imperative to secure a UK IP address and access British streaming services like Netflix UK, BBC iPlayer, ITVX, and All 4. Our evaluation process for the best UK VPNs includes the following criteria:

  • VPN Servers Located in the UK (30%): An adequate number of servers in the UK is a basic requirement.
  • Fast Long-Distance Connection Speeds to the UK (30%): Minimal speed loss on long-distance connections to the UK is vital.
  • Compatibility with UK Streaming Services (30%): VPNs must reliably unblock UK streaming services, including BBC iPlayer, UK Netflix, ITVX, and All 4.
  • A 100% Free VPN Service with Generous or Unlimited Data Allowance (10%): We favor VPNs offering substantial data allowances and no associated costs.
  • Privacy and Logging Policy (10%): Privacy is paramount. We only recommend VPNs with stringent zero-logging policies and no data leakage issues. Transparent and trustworthy VPN providers are highly regarded.
  • Data Cap Impact: Up to 50% Reduction. It’s important to acknowledge that data caps can restrict the functionality of free VPNs. 
  • When you exhaust your data cap, you can no longer connect to the UK VPN server, consequently losing access to a UK IP address and geo-restricted UK streaming services.

Still not sure which VPN to use?

VPNs are a great market around the world. The choice of a VPN depends on your needs and preferences. If you are someone who does not trust free VPNs, then choose premium ones. Also, it is essential to consider that free VPNs could be unsafe. 

Invest wisely! Choose the one that’s secure and provides the best value.

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