How to watch One of Us Is Lying Season 2

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Want to watch season 2 of One of Us Is Lying? Since Peacock is region-locked, a VPN is required to watch it from another country. We describe how to use a VPN to stream One of Us Is Lying.

The second season of the American mystery drama One of Us Is Lying has begun production. You will need a Peacock subscription to watch the well-known US programme since it is a Peacock Original.

Only the US currently offers peacock. You must therefore utilise a VPN in order to continue using your account when travelling abroad. One of Us Is Lying season 2 on Peacock cannot be accessed with all VPNs because not all of them offer a US IP address. This is due to the platform’s efforts to block as many VPNs as it can.

We have suggested VPNs in this article that allow you to watch Peacock from any location. While travelling abroad, you can use these VPNs to connect and watch One of Us Is Lying season 2.

How to watch One of Us Is Lying season 2 with a VPN

One of Us Is Lying’s new season may be seen as long as you choose a VPN that allows you to access Peacock. We have included our top VPN picks below, along with a step-by-step instruction sheet.

Here is how to use a VPN to watch One of Us Is Lying season 2 from any location:

If you live somewhere else, do not panic; a VPN will let you access all of your favourite streaming TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other streaming content. Lets look at how.

1. Pick a VPN provider that has streaming features optimised. We advise using ExpressVPN You have a variety of plans to pick from.

2. Download & Register for a VPN and connect to the server in the country of your choice.

3. Login & Access your streaming platform service.

4. Watch the movies and TV shows you want to.

With a trustworthy VPN, unblock all streaming and sports channels, including free & live streaming. Get ExpressVPN - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan.


1. ExpressVPN: The best VPN on the market

Number of servers: 3,000+ | Speed: Up to 630Mbps | VPN locations: 160 in 94 countries | Maximum devices supported: 5 | 24/7 live chat: Yes | 30 day money back guarantee: Yes

  • Rock-solid privacy features
  • Apps for just about everything
  • Superb for torrenting
  • Class-leading 24/7 support
  • Slightly more expensive, but well worth it

AES-256 encryption, which is extremely secure and is the industry standard, along with the OpenVPN and Lightway protocols, will protect you on the inside. The internal, open-source protocol of Lightway, which stands out in this context, provides blistering speeds. Additionally, ExpressVPN makes use of its own TrustedServer technology, which guarantees that the RAM-only DNS servers do not save any data on you or your activities. In a nutshell, ExpressVPN is both quick and secure. Very good.

2. NordVPN: Streaming VPN that is hot on security

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux | Server locations: 80+ in 59 countries | Streaming services unblocked: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu | Maximum devices supported: 6

  • Unparalleled security smarts
  • Reliable unblocking
  • High-speed NordLynx protocol
  • Great value subscription options
  • User experience could still be improved

In addition to having great encryption, SmartPlay is a useful feature. This more efficient encryption of your data enables you to squeeze every last bit of performance out of your connection. Nord SmartPlay is particularly helpful for HD streaming and avoids the VPN filtering technologies used by streaming services, so you can be sure to view everything you want to watch.

It now seems that NordVPN is operating as a Netflix VPN better than ever after a few erratic months; in our tests, it was able to unblock a variety of locales, including the UK, US, Canada, Japan, and more.

3. SurfShark: Excellent, great value VPN

Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Amazon, Disney, BBC iPlayer | 24/7 support: Yes | Refund period: 30 days | Number of servers: 3,200 | Server locations: 100+ | Countries: 65 | Simultaneous connections: Unlimited

  • Eye-catching prices
  • Covers unlimited devices
  • Excellent unblocking
  • Apps can look a little complicated
  • Below-par OpenVPN speeds

Although Surfsharks network only has 3,200 servers, which is less than some, it is likely to cover the places you require because of its 100+ locations throughout 65+ countries. Access to the network is possible from a variety of devices, including Amazon Fire and other smart TVs, as well as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS ones. Furthermore, since Surfshark has no connection or device limits, unlike the majority of the competition, there is no need to keep track of the hardware you have connected at any one time.

When will season 2 of One of Us Is Lying premiere?

On Thursday, October 20, One of Us Is Lying’s second season will make its television debut on Peacock. The subsequent Thursday, Peacock will broadcast further episodes. As soon as an episode airs, Peacock will make it accessible to watch on demand.

Will Netflix have the second season of One of Us Is Lying?

We do not yet know when One of Us Is Lying season 2 will be available on Netflix. In February 2022, Season 1 was released on Netflix globally. It had first aired on Peacock in October 2021, so that was three months after that.

We suspect that Netflix will begin broadcasting the new season of One of Us Is Lying as soon as it finishes airing on Peacock. This indicates that it will be available sometime after the new year for viewers worldwide. I hope it’s in January 2023. We advise keeping a close check on your local press for information if you reside in the EU, the UK, Australia, or anywhere else.

Unfortunately, One of Us Is Lying cannot be watched on Netflix in North America because it is a Peacock Original. To view One of Us Is Lying on Netflix if you live in the US or Canada, you must connect to a VPN server in the UK or another country where it is offered.

Where can I find the second season of One of Us Is Lying in the US?

NBC Universal created the original series One of Us Is Lying for the Peacock streaming platform. Because of this, One of Us Is Lying will only be available to view on Peacock when it debuts on October 20. The monthly fee for a Peacock subscription is $4.99.

Keep in mind that Peacock is restricted to the USA. To watch One of Us Is Lying from outside of America, you must connect to a VPN server there. You must follow our advice because very few VPNs are compatible with popular American streaming services.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is available with our best VPN for One of Us Is Lying, which is wonderful news. Therefore, you may test out ExpressVPN risk-free if you are new to VPNs. That way, if you change your mind, you can request a refund.

Where in the UK can I watch One of Us Is Lying season 2?

Season 2 of One of Us Is Lying won’t be available to UK viewers for a little months.

NBC has not yet made its streaming service available abroad. Therefore, you are unable to subscribe to Peacock in the UK. You will have to wait until One of Us Is Lying season 2 is available on Netflix.

The good news is that One of Us Is Lying season 1 only took three months to get on Netflix after premiering on Peacock in America. The show should only be delayed until January or February 2023 for UK viewers.

Please be aware that Netflix is region-locked. If you want to watch One of Us Is Lying while travelling overseas, you will need to utilise a VPN to obtain a UK-based IP address. Netflix now has season 1 available for catch-up.

How can Canadians watch One of Us Is Lying season 2?

You might have to wait a little bit to catch the new season of One of Us Is Lying in Canada. On Global TV, Club Illico, and Stack TV, you may watch the first season right now.

Using your legitimate cable TV login information, such as Shaw, Rogers, Belle, Videotron, or Cogeco, to mention a few, you can access Global TV to view the show.

You can join Club Illico for CAD$15 per month if you want to cut the cord. As an alternative, you can add Stack TV to your Amazon Prime Video subscription. You will pay CAD$12.99 each month for this.

When One of Us Is Lying season 2 might air on Global TV, Club Illico, or Stack TV has not yet been announced. Ideally, the programme will be released soon after it has broadcast on Peacock in the US.

Keep in mind that every streaming service mentioned above is restricted to the US. To obtain a legitimate Canadian IP address, connect to a VPN server there. If you live outside of Canada, you can still watch One of Us Is Lying season 2 thanks to this.

Why is One of Us Lying, exactly?

American mystery drama One of Us Is Lying is based on a book by Karen M. McManus. Five high school students who attend detention are the focus of the show. Simon, one of the students, experiences anaphylactic shock and passes away abruptly.

The remaining episodes of the show are devoted to identifying Simon’s murderer, with everyone of the students who were in detention having a basis for suspicion.

We will continue our investigation into who killed Simon and why in season two, and it appears that the app he developed to disseminate information on his classmates will be the driving force behind those motives.

Who is the One of Us Is Lying cast?

Due to the anticipated use of flashbacks in the narrative, the majority of the original cast, including Mark McKenna as Simon, is anticipated to return. Other significant cast members are included below:

  • Marianly Tejada (Bronwyn)
  • Chibuikem Uche (Cooper)
  • Annalisa Cochrane (Addy)
  • Cooper van Grootel (Nate)
  • Barrett Carnahan (Jake)
  • Joe Witkowski (Jake’s brother)
  • Doralynn Mui  (Fiona)

Can I watch season two of One of Us Is Lying using a free VPN?

No. Despite the fact that there are some free VPNs on the market, these are not appropriate for watching One of Us Is Lying online. Very few servers are used by free VPNs. They become extremely slow as a result, which results in poor video playback and ongoing buffering.

Streaming services like Peacock, Netflix, and Stack TV can easily restrict cheap VPNs because there are fewer servers available. As a result, we were unable to locate any free VPNs with US servers that functioned to watch the programme.

In addition to these performance problems, free VPNs put your data privacy at risk. They have intrusive privacy practises that let them follow you online, and their unreliable apps include security holes and even spyware.

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