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How to Watch YouTube Without Ads: Say Buy to Being Annoyed

Do you know? 52% of internet users access YouTube at least once a month. YouTube has more than 2.70 billion active users as of 2023. 

YouTube advertising is a significant source of income for video producers, but to streamers, they could be annoying. In the guide below, let’s learn how to watch YouTube without ads.

Top 3 Ways to Watch YouTube Without Ads

1. Get an Ad Blocker

Using an ad blocker that is easy to navigate could be an excellent technique to stop YouTube advertising.

We’ve used the Chrome browser for this example. Other browsers might need a different configuration.

  1. Go to the extension and search for your browser (the exact location depends on your browser): Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Click “Add to Chrome.”
  1. Now that the extension has been installed, it may be used.
  2. Use the same browser that you installed the extension on to visit YouTube.
  3. You don’t need to do anything since uBlocker origin automatically configures your settings to stop YouTube ads.

The best web extension for Ad Blocking

AdBlocker Ultimate

Contributions finance our best pick and block practically anything you throw at it.

UBlock origin

UBlock Origin is a lightweight adblocking extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Total AdBlock

This top-notch adblocking plugin offers a variety of options for controlling what is prohibited.

Standsfair Adblocker 

A great adblocker for people who frequently transfer between different browsers, efficiently unlocking YouTube advertising.


Desktop adblocker blocks advertisements across different browsers without the use of an addon.


The top ad-blocking app for iOS.

Apps for TV, tablets, and smartphones that prevent ads

Ads are bothersome if you frequently use mobile devices or TV apps to access YouTube.

You can consider various ways to avoid YouTube adverts, depending on your device. For individuals utilising Android devices, we suggest using Total AdBlock in addition to Firefox. 

When you view YouTube, this will block the majority of advertising, much like Adblock Plus.

YouTube Vanced (Android Only)

A customised version of the original YouTube app, YouTube Vanced, has more ad-free features, but Google shuts it down due to regulatory compliance.

It’s crucial to understand that installing programs from unofficial sources might be harmful and that YouTube Vanced is not accessible on the Google Play Store.

2.  Pi-hole Ad-Free Viewing (Advanced)

A network-wide ad blocker called Pi-hole works at the DNS level to prevent advertising from ever reaching your devices. To configure Pi-hole:

  • Install Pi-hole: Follow the setup instructions on the official Pi-hole website to install Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi or any compatible device.
  • Configure Your Router: Change your router’s configuration to utilise the Pi-hole server as your network’s DNS resolver.

Pi-hole provides complete ad-free browsing by blocking advertising on all devices connected to your network. 

However, this approach necessitates technological know-how and is advised for experienced users only.

3.YouTube Premium: The Official Ad-Free Solution

The simplest and most official way to see YouTube without ads is with YouTube Premium. You may access various premium services for a monthly membership charge, including

Ad-Free Viewing: Say goodbye to those annoying adverts that break up your films with ad-free viewing.

Background Playback: Keep audio playing in the background while using other applications or your screen is locked.

Offline Downloads: Downloading videos for offline viewing is a great way to save data while travelling.

YouTube Music Premium: Access YouTube Music, a music streaming service, without paying extra with YouTube Music Premium.

YouTube Originals: Enjoy the unique YouTube Originals programming.

Before deciding to subscribe, you can test YouTube Premium’s features during a one-month free trial.

Can I use a VPN to block ads?

Although blocking YouTube advertising isn’t a VPN’s primary function, some have adblocking software already installed. An ad blocker in a VPN can handle annoying YouTube commercials and websites with adware.

Blocks all YouTube Advertisements.Requires VPN with servers in a suitable country.
Simple to set up.Possibly worse video quality due to decreased internet speed.
Works on all devices that permit VPN applications.Whenever viewing YouTube, a VPN connection is required.

Have an ad-free YouTube experience!

Legal ways to watch YouTube without advertising include YouTube Premium and ad blockers. To combine enjoying an ad-free experience with supporting content producers who depend on ad income, however, is crucial. 

Having a look at these strategies and directly supporting your favourite creators will improve your YouTube experience while maintaining the platform’s sustainability for creators of videos throughout the world.

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