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Let’s be sure and not be fooled! Is 123Movies Safe?

One of the most well-known free movie streaming websites is 123Movies, an age where streaming has become a favourite leisure activity. With just a few clicks, it provided access to a vast library of films and TV series. 

However, there has always been controversy about the legitimacy and security of using 123Movies. Let’s explore if 123movies is safe or if we are under a threat.

is 123 movies safe

What does 123Movies do?

A website called 123Movies, called GoMovies or GoStream, offered free access to films and television shows. It boasted a vast content library, including current releases and vintage classics. 

Viewers may easily navigate and find their favourite films and TV episodes because of the site’s user-friendly interface.

The Gray Area: Is 123movies illegal?

The primary drawback of 123Movies is whether it is legal. The web page became a hub for stolen content because it made copyrighted content available without the required licences or permissions. 

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In most countries, copyright infringement is a serious crime, and willfully accessing or disseminating protected content without a licence can result in harsh penalties like fines and even time in prison.

The Security Risks of 123Movies

In addition to the legal issues, 123Movies exposed its consumers to several security threats. The following are some typical security risks connected to accessing such websites:

Malware and Viruses:

Many free streaming websites, including 123Movies, were well-known for containing harmful pop-up adverts and advertisements. You risk installing malware, viruses, or other dangerous software on your system if you click these advertisements or download files from these websites.


 Bogus 123Movies websites were made to steal users’ data through phishing attempts. 

To trick you into disclosing your login credentials or credit card information, these fraudulent websites imitated the design of the genuine 123Movies website.

Legal Consequences: 

Although the likelihood of legal repercussions for you was relatively minimal compared to those of the site’s operators, it’s not unheard of for you to encounter legal trouble for using pirate streaming services.

Poor Video Quality:

Poor-quality video was available on many free streaming websites, including 123Movies. You may experience buffering issues, low-resolution movies, and other technical difficulties.

Unreliable Availability:

123Movies frequently changed domains or went offline, keeping consumers in the dark due to the legal pressure and ongoing takedowns.

Is 123Movies risky to use?

We investigated if it is possible to broadcast content on websites like 123Movies. Beyond the potential for significant fines, we have yet to discuss the risks of accessing these websites. It is challenging to ensure the highest level of safety when utilising a site like this. 

Because many people, primarily criminals, frequently have power over them. They may steal your data or infect your device with dangerous software. Use security measures like a VPN and antivirus to keep safe when watching 123Movies mirrors.

Safely Accessing 123Movies Worldwide: A Quick Guide

Even though accessing the website is technically allowed in some places where it is prohibited, hazards are still involved. If your jurisdiction permits utilising it in 2023, follow these precautions to broadcast material on it:

is 123 movie

1. Make Use of a Trustworthy VPN (Virtual Private Network):

  • Consider signing up for a trustworthy VPN service before accessing 123Movies. Your internet connection is encrypted by a VPN, which hides your IP address and improves your online privacy.
  • Connect to a VPN server in a nation where 123Movies access is not prohibited. This can help you get around local blocks.

2. Enable your Safety Features:

  • A kill switch and DNS leak protection are crucial security features any VPN should have. Thanks to these features, Your IP address won’t be accidentally revealed.

3. Avoid Using Clone Websites:

  • Be wary of websites that are copies or knockoffs of 123Movies. Stick to reputable and well-known domains to lessen the risk of phishing attacks.

4. Maintain Browser Security:

  • Use a web browser that is current and has high-security settings. Update your browser frequently to fix vulnerabilities.

5. Install a Reliable Ad Blocker:

  • To reduce exposure to potentially hazardous adverts and pop-ups that may be present on streaming websites, think about installing a reputable ad blocker.

6. Respect Copyright Regulations:

  • Remember that accessing copyrighted content without permission in some places may still be prohibited. Utilize your VPN to safeguard your privacy, but also think about your choices’ moral and legal ramifications.

Legal Alternatives to 123Movies

There are various legitimate options to 123Movies for folks who like to stream films and TV episodes but wish to follow the law and safeguard their online safety:

Paid Streaming Services:

For a monthly subscription price, sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max offer vast collections of films and TV episodes.

Free Legal Streaming:

On some websites, such as Crackle and Tubi, you may watch films and TV series with legal licences for nothing.

Library Services:

Check whether your local library offers streaming programs like Kanopy or Hoopla, which let you borrow digital content for free.


You can rent or buy a massive selection of legally uploaded films and TV episodes on YouTube.

Public Domain Content:

There are numerous places where you may find films and television shows in the public domain, meaning that copyright protection has been removed from them.


Is it against the law to watch films on 123Movies?

Where you live determines whether it’s unlawful or not. While some locations prohibit downloading or streaming copyrighted content without authorization, others are more tolerant, especially regarding personal use. 

Before entering such places, checking your local regulations is a good idea.

Are there any secure alternatives to using 123Movies?

Definitely! You have reliable choices, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. The drawback is that they often charge a monthly subscription fee. You might require a VPN to access some of these services because they might not be accessible in your country.

Is using 123Movies secure?

In 2018, the primary 123Movies website was shut down, leaving just these mirror sites online. Because they are frequently operated by criminals who can damage your system by slipping malware in, these mirror sites can be suspect. 

Additionally, watching content on unauthorised websites is illegal in several nations and can result in fines.

What drawbacks come with utilising 123Movies?

Depending on where you live, the consequences can differ. A few hundred to several thousand dollars in fines could be imposed if you are caught streaming films from 123 movies in various jurisdictions. However, the risks vary from nation to nation.

Can I use a free VPN to watch 123Movies?

Although you could, it wouldn’t be the safest move. Strong encryption is one security aspect that free VPNs frequently lack. This implies that they might be unable to shield you from hackers or other harmful content on those mirror sites. 

It’s typically preferable to choose a high-end VPN with superior security.

Can 123Movies harm my device?

Yes, a few of those mirror websites might be pretty dangerous. They might infect your device with viruses and malware, leading to various issues. Before you begin streaming on 123Movies, using a trustworthy antivirus program or a VPN to secure yourself is a good idea.

Stream Endlessly, But Be Secure!

Websites like 123movies could be a source of entertainment, but it must be at a cost other than your digital security. So what do you think? Will you go for the safe option or the one known for being a risk?

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